Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

Sabarimala attracts millions of devotees every year not only from Kerala and other Southern States but also from the rest of India and even abroad. Lord Ayyappa, the presiding deity of this Hill Shrine had had his human sojourn as the son of the Raja (King) of Pandalam. Both legend and history bear ample testimony to the strong bonds that have existed for centuries between the Pandalam Palace and the Sabarimala temple.

This site has information regarding the role of the Royal family of Pandalam in the Sabarimala pilgrimage in addition to the unique relationship between the Lord and the Raja of Pandalam.

We hope to make this site a home where information about the Lord Ayyappa and Royal Family of Pandalam is easily available.

Comments and suggestions for the improvement of this site to make it more visit-worthy are welcome. Please feel free to contact Vinay Varma at vinay_kr_varma@yahoo.com.sg or P. Rama Varma Raja at prvraja@satyam.net.in

"I am very happy to launch this website of the Royal Family Of Pandalam. I hope this will further spread the message of the Lord - Love, Equality & Devotion "

Head Of Pandalam Royal Family
Late Punartham Nal Ravi Varma Raja (Valiya Thampuran

Press clip of the launch



Lord Ayyappa


Royal Family Of Pandalam



Pandalam Raja At Sannidhanam



Palace Complex


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